645AR Shrinks But Stays Monumental In His New Visuals For “In Love With A Stripper”


645AR is a conundrum, an enigma and also he’s one of the best things going currently in the music world. His sound should confuse you and cause you to think. So really 645 might be the smartest person on all of earth and it’s not up for argument. Going viral with every release, AR is continuing to piss the golden-era hip-hop lover off.

“In Love With A Stripper” doesn’t sound anything like T-Pain‘s titty bar classic, but instead it’s hard bass slapping our spines. To be perfectly honest, I can’t understand a full sentence sometimes, but the melodies and the beats always win me back over. With production from Rambow2X and JaredSoule and the direction from Highdeas, this is a solid cohesive package. 645AR is doing what he’s supposed to do, entertain. Stream the gas below.


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