Acquaint Yourself With Dianna Lopez And Her Visuals For “Euphoria”


Dianna Lopez is a wonderfully talented musician who came onto our radar a few weeks back. Now that we’ve delved into these visuals, one becomes entranced by her smokey tone. The aerated and subtle vocal approach can come off as lazy to some, but Dianna can truly do some wild things with her voice. The notes are precise, while still putting her own unique twist on the chords.

In these shots provided by Louise Bartolotta, we see Lopez and her band jam to their heart’s content. When the percussion picks up the tempo a bit, Lopez still maintains her composure, never letting her vocals become unsettled. You can tell by the smoothness of this register that she’s confident in her sound. With the psychedelic Rock influence, this cut takes us back a few decades, but in a refreshing way. Dianna Lopez is a name to remember in the upcoming months, peep her work below.


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