808Vic Gifts The World His Moving Project “Lived To Love”


This is the eclectic sound that the world should be focusing on in these tumultuous times. Vic keeps things short, but ever so sweet with just seven cuts. All of which have diverse styling, wordplay, and breathtaking melodic approaches. “Way too gone, in too deep” starts things off in a minimalistic and soothing manner, playing off the ambiance of his baritone delivery.

“Lived to love” is quite beautiful, to be frank. The tempo melds incredibly well with the synthetic plucks and infects our bodies. “Oops” is probably the personal favorite from this brief EP, but none of these cuts really fall behind the others. This is an international sound that’s incredibly easy to digest. The balance of calm and collected grooves that can still activate the room’s hips is quite impressive. Beat selection is fucking brilliant as well because it surrounds the project with a shining mood. Do yourself a favor and grow with 808vic, his new project is really that great.


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