Glaive and Ericdoa Show Immense Versatility on “Mental Anguish”


Coming off the release of their joint project, Then I’ll Be HappyGlaive, and Ericdoa gives us the visuals for “mental anguish”. This is a hard-hitting record that utilizes these transcending musicians’ best qualities. Starting the record off, we get a smooth flow from Glaive that leads into an explosive hook. The production gets cranked up to another level with booming bass and glitchy synth lines. What makes the record interesting is that Ericdoa gives a charismatic verse and then gives his rendition of the hook. I thought this was a unique way to approach the song; it amplifies the two’s chemistry on a record.

The visual component of the drop captures the aesthetics both of these artists bring to the table; We get some beautiful shots of Glaive in the woods and some of Eric in tall grass. I love the use of nature in the video, and the color correction makes it seem like something out of a nature documentary. This is a dope video for an even more fire song; check it out!


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