A Chiefers Sit Down With: Sally Boy


Sally Boy has become one of my favorite artists to watch following his latest releases, especially “Good at Being Lonely”. I got to catch up with, while he was back home right outside of Philly. We talked about inspirations, the creative process, and the new music he will be dropping! 


Heath: I’m using photo booth to record the conversation; you can tell this is a high-budget production. 


Sally Boy: I knew that countdown sounded familiar. 


Heath: So, why did you start making music? How did it get to this point? 


Sally Boy: I always say I never really decided to start making music. I was put into piano at three years old, and that was the start. So, as I cognitively developed, I was making music the whole way. So it became a big part of me and who I was. I think a lot of this came because I was infatuated with other people’s music.


Heath: Like Who? 


Sally Boy: When I was a kid, my parents used to play Louis Armstrong and Bruce Springsteen when I was going to bed. But when I started to get older and picked up the guitar and singing, I began to listen to Ray Charles. One of the first songs I learned was “Georgia” by Ray Charles. Do you know that song? 


Heath: Yeah, I do. 


Sally Boy: Then I got really into John Mayer because he was the guitarist of the time; I learned all of his songs. Then in high school, I got more into rap and hip-hop. So I was really into Kendrick and J.Cole. Following that, I got really into the Philly Indie Scene, So I listened to The Districts and Joy Again. Now, I just listen to everything all the time. I was just covering music; I got to the point where I wanted to make my own. I never decided to be an artist. It just happened. 


Heath: That makes a lot of sense. You mentioned the Philly Indie Scene, but how has Philly influenced your style of music or visual aesthetics?


Sally Boy: When it came to visuals, especially on the first project, my creative director Eddie is from just outside of Boston. What’s it called he’s from…. Sharon!

Heath: (Chuckles) I went to high school in the town next to Sharon, bro! I know Sharon very well.


Sally Boy: Yeah. So it just has that heavy foliage, like that feeling of nostalgia for home. We talked a lot about that on the first project. So I think just the East Coast and Northeast aesthetic, in general, is the connection in terms of the creative direction.


Heath: No, that makes a lot of sense. Kind of fast forward to your more recent releases. I love “She’s So Good At Being Lonely”. I listen to that all the time; I’m not going to lie.


Sally Boy: I love that! 


Heath: Really, job well done! I was sent over a few tracks from your upcoming EP. What made you want to go in this direction? And I love the visuals, too.


Sally Boy: I was trying to figure out who I was as a person, but also as a musician, because I haven’t really, ever been my own individual artist. So this period was a lot about figuring out who I was; I’m way more comfortable with myself. So I did a lot more of it myself. And as a result, I think the sort of became more representative of me.


Heath: Since you’re more hands-on with the videos and all that stuff this time around, when do you start thinking about the concept. Does it come right when you start writing the song or is it when you have the music done, and the idea slowly comes to you?


Sally Boy: Right when I’m making it, the idea comes to mind. So when I have that off the bat, I know that it should be a single. But yes, generally the former.


Heath: So, what are your expectations with the project? Did you set any milestones for yourself? 


Sally Boy: Trying to take more pressure off me. Honestly, that’s what I have been doing the past week or so. I used to check my Spotify every day, worrying about engagement, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I think it’s like a win if I ha

-ve people just reach out to me about the song.

Heath: I think it’s getting there, dude. I’m already a fan. Any release, I’m there. 


Sally Boy: I appreciate it.


Make sure you stay up to date on Sally Boy’s upcoming releases and EP that will be coming to all streaming services soon. Also, follow me at @Heath__240 on socials to stay in the loop about upcoming interviews!


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