Mikey100k Tells Us to “Take Care” Of Ourselves In New Music Video


In a climate full of toxicity, sometimes it’s nice to take care of yourself. Mikey100k makes this known in his new music video for “Take Care.” Mikey100k, a singer/songwriter based in Raleigh, has a signature “fresh” feeling to his music. You feel it throughout “Take Care”, a letter to the folks who don’t deserve to be in your life. A self reminder to put your well-being before anything else, something we commonly forget in life.

“Take Care” projects a new feeling of hope for those who aren’t always kind to themselves. Mikey sings “they took my kindness for weakness” a common phrase heard throughout our society, one that everyone can resonate with. “But I been somewhere healing…things are changing” he continues to belt. I hope Mikey is speaking from the heart and that this is a reference to him taking time to himself to change his life for the better.

I wasn’t expecting this song to move me in the way it did. Kudos to Mikey100k for creating a song that is deeper than what meets the eye (or ear in this case). Give Mikey100k a follow and pay attention to how he takes care in 2021.


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