SoFaygo Debuts Infectious New Single, “Let’s Lose Our Minds”


“She like, Faygo, you getting bigger”. SoFaygo or Andre Dontrel Burt, is a 19 year old rapper out of Atlanta, Georgia who has been making headlines as of late with his recent signing to Travis Scott’s imprint, Cactus Jack Records. SoFaygo has also delivered an electrifying feature on Trippie Redd’s Billboard 100 charting hit, “MP5”. SoFaygo has numerous co-signs such as, Lil Uzi, Bronny James, Lancey Foux, Lil Tecca, Lil Yachty and more. He has also amassed a cult following on the internet, hosting a discord of over 19k followers, an instagram of 636K followers and 166K subscribers on YouTube. Oh, and I forgot to mention that he has only been making music for 2 years, teaching himself Garage band after high school classes, along with drawing his own cover arts during the beginning stages of his career. 

The young superstar is back following his viral single, “Knock Knock” with a new banger, “Let’s Lose Our Minds.” This single was previewed back on January 13, 2021 on Triller and became a sought after grail amongst SoFaygo’s fan base, amassing millions of views once he re-uploaded it to Instagram. The song itself is an otherworldly banger with a smooth delivery by SoFaygo and crazy drums with glittery synths by Skai. Skai is a rising producer who pushes beats beyond their limits, creating scenic auditory landscapes and has worked with the likes of SSGKobe, TyFontaine, Onlybino! along with other emerging rappers in this new scene. The AYLO provided visuals were insane with quick cuts, strobe lights and dark lighting. There is even a scene where SoFaygo is seen running away from a giant, glowing purple spider across a desert that was later engulfed in flames. The scenes within the video had variety and were constantly stimulating, fitting for the nature of the song.

It is crazy to think that all of SoFaygo’s recent success has been based off of previously released songs/projects that the mainstream audience had yet to find out about until recently. This new single is so special in SoFaygo’s career because it is his first piece of solo work that is new to the mainstream and his core audience. Prior to the release of this single, SoFaygo tweeted, “the beginning of something beautiful” and I totally agree. Check out the video for SoFaygo’s new single, “Let’s Lose Our Minds” ahead of his PINK HEARTZ debut album release below.



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