Stop Sleeping on Brooklyn Buzzmaker ABG Neal


Brooklyn seriously has a wave right now and I absolutely love it. With artists such as Pop Smoke, Sheff G, Sleepy HollowKrimelife Ca$$Mauley G, Fivio Foreign and others leading the wave, Brooklyn rapper ABG Neal is at the top of that list, and has his own lane within the bubbling New York City community.

With only a few songs out, ABG Neal has made the most of his opportunities by racking in millions of plays on a total of nine songs. Without dropping a mixtape, ABG Neal has done what most rappers wish they could do in their first year of rap, and it’s honestly just beginning.

Neal has a very unique sound, combining hard, drill-type instrumentals with hilarious punchlines. You often find yourself either cracking up or rewinding the record to see what he actually said, because it’s all fucking crazy. Either way, this man ABG Neal is next up, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Check out his latest drops below. You’ll thank me later.


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