One Week Later: PNTHN Sets the Tone with First Album “Death Dimensions”


The eccentric rap group PNTHN released their first album DEATH DIMENSION recently, leaving a profound impact on listeners and young audiences nationwide. Turning the heads of industry insiders, along with making an impact in the ever growing underground Texas scene, the emerging rap group is starting to make waves outside the local realms. With all 8 members of the PNTHN family contributing heavily on the enigmatic, 13-track project, the tape represents themselves as a whole: distinctive and genre-bending. Massively influenced by the hardcore underground scene, the tough-as-nails faction delivers a variety of robust sounds and rocky vibes, leaving a strong, and long-lasting impression for generations to come.

Since forming in 2017 with projects such as [from disorder…], POTLUCK, and RICO, the group members have formed an unbreakable bond along with becoming a staple in underground Texas rap. They have 8 artists in total in the group, adding their own individual touch in distinctive ways, consisting of 6 rappers and 2 producers. Amongst themselves, the rap collective has come up with some of the toughest sounds while igniting a fire in the South-West music scene.

This being their very first album, PNTHN wanted to leave a firm mark on the industry. Tracks like “Persona,” which takes you through the minds of each artist, has an ominous vibe that pierces right through the album. Songs such as “Good Ass Halal” has a slightly softer side to it, touching on leveling up in all aspects of life. This masterpiece of a project takes the listener through many twists and turns, along with the word play to make the project last for decades. If you haven’t heard the new album from PNTHN yet, you need to… Thank us later. Stream below.


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