Acquaint Yourself With Rising Rapper Zelly Ocho And His Vibrant Sound


We have to understand that music is ever changing. The taste makers and the fans yearn for refreshing cuts and will abandon a musician if their drops aren’t consistent. That’s why we’re here to highlight the talents of Zelly Ocho. If you have been paying one aorta of attention to the underground, you have seen Ocho‘s name fly throughout the web. His vocal attack is modern, but none the less, he stands out from the crowd. Starting with his most recent release, “Kill Myself”, we see the passion this guy has for his art.

With production from 16yrold and direction from DotComNirvan, this powerful two-minute and thirteen-second video should win some fans over. His wave atop 16‘s production is incredible, gifting colorful vocal runs melded with his unique rugged tone. Nirvan took a very simple set of shots and turned them upside down. The edits take Zelly‘s energy to the top-tier, proving his electric sound is a reoccurring theme.

Flowing into another recent effort from Ocho called “2 Strapped”, which is a drugged-out slurry of style, this guy doesn’t show signs of slowing down. The sound is consistent, but you can always recognize this cadence and resonance when he speaks. With production by Harrison, a glorious pocket is formed so Zelly can float through it once more. This is a good song to break from the uptempo blitz that is “Kill Myself”.

After this we decided to highlight, “Death Note”, an opus produced by the late legend, Hella Sketchers.  Though the subject matter isn’t overtly dark and grim, you can hear the pain in Ocho‘s voice as the croons carry on. Zelly pushes through the pain of missing his lost friends, turning his raw emotion to art. The beat on here is nuts and it sucks we lost Sketchy, RIP to the man.

We round out these four tracks with this emphatic cut entitled “Grades”. The production is from another underground maestro, CaptainCrunch. I would consider this one the most light hearted of the highlighted bunch. Zelly sings, “Roll, Roll, Roll ya dope, let that chopper squeeze”, and people still want to talk about a Tupac. You have to love the fun he’s having with his music, and it’s only a matter of time before the world taps in.

All of these cuts have been released in the last 6 months, so we can only imagine what this guy has in the vault. Zelly‘s upcoming project entitled VLAD stands for Violent Life Around Drugs, which will highlight his journey to where he is now. Zelly has built this wave from the bottom with nothing but a laptop. Yes, this journey has been long, but he boasts no gimmicks, he’s just here to give the fans quality music. Hopefully I’ve been able to shine some light on an artist with talent and promise. Do yourself a favor and pay attention to Zelly Ocho, we’ll talk to you soon.


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