ShawnWeTrust Drops A Bumping New Single, “Tik Tok”


Philadelphia is home to many young budding artists, and their music scene is flourishing. We’ve covered many of the city’s best artists, and today, we’ve added ShawnWeTrust to that list for his new single, “Tik Tok.”

ShawnWeTrust is a rapper who was born in Canarsie, Brooklyn, moved to Jamaica, and ended up in Philadelphia. With such diverse sources of influence, it’s only natural that his style is comprised of different elements. He’s had a pretty significant history of live shows, opening for LUCKI, Young Nudy, Thouxanban Fauni, and NASCAR Aloe. Today, ShawnWeTrust makes his debut on our pages for “Tik Tok”, a brand new single that slaps. The title says it all, as it seems to be geared towards the platform with its simplicity and bounce. He’s got good lyrics and a strong sense of rhythm, which shows in this track and the rest of his catalog. ShawnWeTrust has had quite the career this far, considering he’s only getting started. Get hip to yet another fire act emerging out of Philadelphia.


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