Acquaint Yourself With With Detroit Rapper Lil Katane And His Fire Project “Saga 55”


It’s good to be friends with musicians who send you upcoming artists that are actually worth listening to. A couple weeks back my bro sent me this debut EP from Lil Katane called Saga 55. His sound is already incredible, utilizing lively and colorful instrumentation. The beat from “12 AM” could quite possibly be sampled from a Disney movie score, accented by some precise percussion. Then to add to the madness, this kid is only 15-years-old which means there is still plenty of time for development.

Katane has a unique sound, but it’s still very melodically driven. Using this modern attack doesn’t get washed away in the streams because he’s doing it in an authentic manner. The confidence doesn’t dwindle one bit, instead he stands strong with his art. The calm collected type of guy who let’s the work speak for itself and you have to give him his props for that.

“Chokehold” is my personal favorite off this project because of the melding of the layers. With production from Jay Cribbs and Katane’s subtle crooning, this pairing turns into a memorable wave. All we’re here to do is highlight the artists who are rising above the rest, and Lil Katane is doing just that, peep the gas below.


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