Ty Fontaine Dropped Off His Electric Project Simply Called “1800”


Now, Ty Fontaine does not sound like anyone else, yet he utilizes a very modern approach to music. The melody is the obvious basis for his music and he accents his already stellar vocals with the unreal production coming out of Internet Money. Whether it’s from Taz, Nick, Repko, Rio, or anyone else, Ty makes sure we’re paying attention when he’s in the spotlight.

The unrelenting smashes, “Fetish” and “Nat Nat” will ring throughout your heads as the days grow old. Though, Fontaine does come to play and reminds the public he’s not going to be washed away in the streams. “Huh” is emphatic and unapologetic as it gets, this one will make you want to blow a bag. Then rolling into the infectious sample that is “Duffle Bag” is a wild spurt of momentum. “Let’s Go” is another hit waiting to catch fire and the list will go on as you listen.

Bravo to the Internet Money team for letting this kid shine in his own right and develop his sound. Ty Fontaine has a real shot at stardom and to be perfectly honest it’s only a matter of time. Peep the heat that is 1800 below and we’ll talk to you soon at the next drop.


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