AFN Peso Taps In With Ohgeesy For Some Visuals Called “No Days Off”


AFN Peso and Ohgeesy link up for some heavy West coast waves entitled “No Days Off” and this shit slaps. The beat is simple, but still kicks while dwelling in the classic percussive style that California knows and loves. This production style forces you to move around in a pimpish manner. With the direction handled by Wavylord Visuals, we see some quintessential rap cups, smoke and toys. Though, the shots and edits are crisp allowing for a top-tier experience.

Peso handles the first two verses and then Geesy closes out the gig. Simplicity proves to be the victor in this situation and not over complicating things is the reason we’re here. Well shit, I’m going to get out of the way and let you enjoy the sounds, we’ll talk soon.


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