Joei Razook Breaks From His Hiatus With A Potent New Cut Called “Homesick”


I may be a bit bias, but it’s for a very good reason. Joei Razook has the talent and potential to make a real mark in this industry. He’s self-aware enough with his sound to know when to alter the style, all while paving his own lane. “Homesick” is yet another example of how great this young man truly is. With the assist from Riverkinn for a brief, yet brilliant bridge, Razook bleeds onto this auditory page with memories from his past that have shaped him as a man.

The digitized, Hyperpop production was handled by Joei himself and cleaned up by River a bit. A very impressive opus on all fronts and yet another reason to give this is a listen. This kid will continue momentum until it all pays off, and he’s doing it his way. Stream this gas below.


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