Alex Wiley Pairs With Lege Kale For Their Lucid Visuals Entiled “Thankful To Breathe”


Alex Wiley is a timeless artist who walks to the sound of his own drum. Pairing with the platinum-producing genius who is Lege Kale, we see this duo in a number of vivid scenes. This is a very introspective set of visuals while balanced with humor and keeping things light through the frames. I wouldn’t say Wiley expanded his auditory repertoire, he refined it and reinvented himself yet again.

Now, as far as Kale‘s production goes, may the choir sing joyously. His percussion is a stellar stutter-step melded with manipulated analog chords. It feels like a lush, fever pitch of a shroom trip, but without the edge of anxiety. Spaced Visuals did a marvelous job directing these shots, so do yourself a favor and tap in below.


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