$amaad Silences The Haters on New Single “Shhhhh!”


$amaad is an artist who I’ve recently discovered and I’ll tell you right now, it’s hit after hit. Consistently releasing hits, $amaad has proven his worth, getting followings from Devstacks, Rio Levya, and Geogotbands to name a few.  Just last month, he released a dreamy single titled “Shhhh!” and I couldn’t help but give this song the shine it deserves.

“Shhhhh!” brings us to another world, with a god-like flow and an airy melody backed by hard-hitting 808’s. The production alone just makes me want to go speed on the highway with the windows down. The laid-back yet catchy flow that $amaad brings to the table is like no other, drawing inspiration from the sounds like LUCKI but with $amaad‘s twist on things. The counter-melody is very subtle, adding to the intricate production and making it a perfect combination. 

I definitely recommend this song to anyone looking for new music as this song is an absolute hit from start to finish, having the production reel you in and $amaads vocals making you stay. Check out the song below and let us know what you think!


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