Anti Da Menace Is A Rising Star You Need To Get Hip To, Peep His Latest Project “Legend”


We still support authentic artists in 2022, especially in a world where many sites have moved on to the pop realm. If they haven’t moved on to pop, their pages are flooded with acts that don’t live what they rap about. Anti Da Menace is as real as it gets and you can hear the pure passion in his sound right from the rip.

“Wicked West” is arrogant aggression in the best ways and this wave kicks the door wide open. Atop the keys, we hear Anti speak his sermon, guiding us through his emotions. Rolling into cuts like “Better Days” and “Life Been Lit” featuring 952 Lil Raq, this opus is genuinely filled with music to live and grow with. Though a good portion of these tracks are ominous, you have to appreciate the contagious energy it gives off from song to song.

Of course, you can hear shades of a few classic Southern inspirations, but to give a straight comparison would be a disservice to Anti‘s creative prowess. “Murder Bitch” is wild, to say the least, and commands the ear’s attention because of the brilliant belligerence. Oh yeah, we forgot the mention that this kid is 17, which throws a wrench in everyone’s expectations. He writes like a seasoned veteran but possesses a real youthful spirit. Do yourself a favor and get hip to Anti Da Menace, he’s gonna be around for a minute.


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