Friday Heat Check: Steve Lacy, Keni Can Fly, Avenoir, and More!


Bad Habit by Steve Lacy

“Bad Habit” is my favorite song of 2022. Since Steve Lacy released this song, I’ve had it on repeat and even listened to it for an hour straight. This record has many dimensions to it, with instrumental breakdowns and raw vocals; I find it to be some of his best work to date. The lyrics are very relatable, mainly because I always bite my tongue, and it’s a horrible habit. Longing for a missed opportunity to be with someone you deeply care about has been something that has plagued me as well. But Steve articulates those feelings so well in this record, and I think this may be one of my all-time favorite songs.

99′ Pollen by Ken Can Fly

This is my first time hearing about Ken Can Fly, and I’m immediately addicted. “99′ Pollen” is an insane record with bounce flows and great lyricism. I find Ken weaving between bars in such a masterful; it’s awe-inspiring. His musical talent is on full display with this record. The music video is well shot and showcases a lot of personality. I recommend you check this out!

Hot Shit by Cardi B (ft Lil Durk & Kanye West)

I’m not the biggest Cardi B fan, but I’m always excited for a Kanye feature; to be honest, this song is hot ass. Cardi B sounds uninspired and like she could careless to record a decent song. Durkio sounds very out of place on this record and feels lost in the sauce. Kanye gave us one of his 15-minute freestyle verses that are all over the place. For a major release, it seems like minimal effort and creativity were put into this, and it sounds like “Hot Shit”, literally!

Eve by Avenoir

If you’re a fan of Brent Faiyaz or 90s/early 2000s R&B, this record is for you! “Eve” is a slow jam that fits perfectly in the modern-day R&B landscape, with dark instrumentation and mood lyricism. Avenoir has a beautiful vocal delivery and knack for melodies. I’m telling you, if you need to impress a girl, this is the record to put her on too, trust me!

Jungle by Fred Again..

We’ve seen a spike in dance music in the mainstream, but nobody does it as well as Fred Again. “Jungle” will make you feel like you are in a bunker raven somewhere deep in berlin. With clashing bass and great rhythms, this one will have you bouncing the whole runtime. I love that the production has distinct switch-ups and the vocal chops (by Elle Duhe) are fantastic. This is a solid ass record!

Guilty by 4VR

4VR has a distinct style that I feel grabs from hyper-pop but stands rim in contemporary hip-hop. “Guilty” is a blissful record with high-pitch vocals that swing through gritty trap-inspired production. I love that the duo plays off each other’s energy making for a dynamic listen. I’m excited to hear what they have dropping in the future because this is a great starting point!



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