Apollo Rai And Kushie Sunoco Light Up NY Underground Scene With “Trapstar”


Past few years there’s been a mass resurgence of the ‘mecca’ as a national hotspot for rap. With the introduction of “in your face” drill stars Pop Smoke, Sheff G, 22GZ, and more, vast mainstream attention has been drawn to all five boroughs and upwards into the capital, Albany. With labels, fans, media outlets all chopping at the bit to get a piece of the next big star to blast out of NY. Apollo Rai and Kushie Sunoco are two rising creatives that time and time again sonically separate themselves from their NY peers. Connecting on the vibrant track “Trapstar”, Bronx native Apollo Rai delivers an effortless melodic chorus that gets stuck in your head after the first listen. “Taking drugs cause I need it, I’ve been fighting these demons, thank god that I’m breathing, I’m alive but I’m grieving.”

Lyrical content surrounding loss’ and dealing with PTSD from scaring street experiences is needled as a common theme throughout the track. Following Apollo’s electric first half performance, Albany star Kushie Sunoco drops a chilling verse that after every listen seemingly leaves you jumping out your seat. Screaming heartfelt punchlines about deaths and trauma faced in his community. Making this track  a necessary addition for any playlist.



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