Undiscovered Gems: Boston’s Clark D Comes To Terms On “Corner Store Story”


Clark D is someone who’s been exploring his creativity in various ways over the past years. Slowly redefining his sound and honing in on his artistic potential, “Corner Store Story” is the antithesis of thought-provoking hip-hop. On this record, Clark analyzes the impact of his environment on his personal life and music career. He debates if leaving Boston will better his odds at success but grapples with the idea of leaving his family. “You can’t chase your dreams in your sheets; I just wake up and do this work” is not only a standout line for this track but the thesis of this song. 

This record is self-produced, and I can’t get enough of the shimmering keys. He created a smooth sonic foundation that allows himself to float from bar to bar effortlessly. I’m amazed at the poise and self-reflection Clark shows on the track. Make sure you check out this heater below!


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