Lo Village Recontextualizes Their Roots With “Lost In America”


This past year I wanted to learn more about my heritage and my lineage in America. One side of my family migrated from Africa three generations ago, and my other half was brought over during slavery. So, to say the least, my ancestors had a conflicted history in America. One of my significant findings over the past year was that my great-great-grandfather was in the first black calvary during the civil war and fought for his freedom. Stories like this are often lost to time and forgotten. However, on this Lo Village EP, Lost In America, they play with themes of the Black experience in America and how often our history has been erased or forgotten in this country. 

For me, Lost In America couldn’t have come out at a better time. Being a soundtrack to self-discovery and pushing the boundaries of current alternative hip-hop and R&B, it’s truly an enjoyable project. Track to Track Lo Village is able to dissect the nuances of modern America and eloquently speak upon topics that often are misrepresented. On the record “Out The Window”, they analyze the idea of being targeted by society but still functioning within it. Having to deal with discrimination and tragedy, there is no place for them to be vengeful if Lo Village wants to succeed in America. I thought this was a brilliant premise for discussion that often gets overlooked. 

Another highlight from this project is the record the EP is titled after “Lost In America”. This is where you see the group get into the real nitty-gritty of forced assimilation and effacement of Black culture. Ama sings, “All our history lost in America. Step outta line, they assassinate your character.” in a grief-stricken tone. This line lays the groundwork of what Kane and Charles Tyler put forth in each of their verses. I felt this was a strong outing for Lo Village, and I’m more of a fan than ever before! Please, give this EP a listen; you won’t be disappointed. 


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