Michael Christmas Goes 2D With “Cinderblocks”


I’ve been listening to Michael Christmas since “Micheal Cera” and upon first taste of his eccentric style, I’ve been hooked. With his most recent release, “Cinderblocks” featuring Kota The Friend, we get to see Christmas become gamified in classic fashion. This record is a fiery example of why he is someone not to be slept on. Christmas displays his technical prowess and witty wordplay during his verse. My favorite bar from this track is “Still lock the bathroom door every time I take a shit; that paranoia ain’t going away.”. Kota matches the song’s upbeat intensity with an insightful verse on the lost potential he has witnessed back where he’s from. 

As we expect with Christmas’ visuals, the music video is unique and captures the track’s mood. Showing himself and Kota as 2D arcade game characters helps make the production choice on the record more pertinent. He even adds some social commentary in the video, shining a light on the demolition of the Roxbury Love Mural (if you’re from Boston, you know the significance of this). If you haven’t checked this video out yet, please do yourself a favor and tap in below.


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