Shawny Binladen Is New York’s Most Intriguing Drill General


Shawny Binladen, otherwise known as “Shawn Wick’, is a Queens rapper that energizes listeners the minute he steps into the spotlight. Shawny displays a vastly different approach than his drill peers, using his impressive “low tone-whisper flow”. This is an innovative sound not recycled by any other NY rapper out. Each bar is melded with countless aggressive drill and scam-infused punchlines. “Belt say CD aint wearing no BD” or “Plug on the plane, but the pack on delay, real road runner cracking cards in PA” will become caption-worthy earworms looping in your head.

Along with his one of kind sound, the gravitation to Shawny‘s brand stems from continuously paying homage to rappers before him. Whether it be the sampling of Snoop Dogg’s “Gin and Juice” on “Gin and Yaya”. Or even using Dipset’s logo as inspiration for his tape Merry Wickmas, “SB” always makes a point to show respect for his influences in his art. This truly makes the Queens sample god a must add to your next playlist!


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