AQ’s Been Working Overtime On “Bonus”


“Bonus” feels like an ode to authenticity and fighting for your worth. AQ attacks a plethora of topics on the track, looking back at his come up and hip-hop’s current state. Seeing the lack of depth in many of his peers’ music, AQ finds himself holding the torch of content-driven hip-hop. Placing himself at the epicenter of this trend in popular music, AQ boasts, “I need a bonus; I need a top spot. Bitch, I’m the coldest”. Highlighting that he’s been grinding and working harder than most of his competition. 

This record is paired with the Promoting Sounds co-signed music video. Depicting AQ getting caught up with a mysterious masked man, who has a whole lot of cash. I felt that AQ put thought and effort into the video, showing that he has an eye for visuals. I genuinely think that this guy needs a bonus and a raise! Check out this gas below!


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