Undiscovered Gems: NxG Juggles the Playboy Life In New Visual “Love Games”


In a perfect world we could all have our cake and eat it too, but sadly the majority of us aren’t extremely talented artists on the rise to fortune and fame. Philadelphia native, NxG, is however on the rise, which allows him to live a life full of cake. This does come with some heavy consequences which he shares in his newest video “Love Games”

NxG is very open about his love life. It’s common to see his Instagram stories filled with relationship quotes and brief rants that all circle back to the love life he struggles to keep afloat. He uses vivid, cinematic frames captured by Visuals By Luke to depict what it’s like maintaining a loving relationship while fighting the temptations of living the life of a Casanova. NxG let me know that this year will be full of bright videos and valid heaters from him. With that being said, make sure you tap in and stream the gas below.



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