Arizona’s Tullis is a Standout Talent on “Matinee”


Arizona’s very own Tullis returns to the Daily Chiefers site with” Matinee”. This is a smooth track where he finds himself hitting some light autotuned vocal runs. A nice mixture of R&B and modern Hip-Hop “Matinee” makes for a perfect late-night vibe. I can imagine myself cruising down a highway alongside a beach at 2 AM listening to this record. It seems to me that Tullis is noticing that he isn’t average, and the girl he’s with is precisely that, average. He smoothly croons, “it’s just easy to see that I’m exceptional; my worst day be your brightest one”.

However, the production on this record is stunning as well. A majestic piano arpeggiates in between the swinging Hi-Hats. Allowing this very moody aesthetic to be achieved and executed to the highest degree possible. The piano solo is perfect and gives the track a chef’s kiss; a nice change of pace. Make sure you give this song a few listens! This record was submitted to us through our live streams, and if you have music to share, make sure to follow our Twitter to be notified for the next one.


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