BFB Da Packman Refurbishes “Honey Pack” with a Star Studded Remix


BFB Da Packman has been making waves this past year with his outrageous lyrics and charismatic personality. I’ve found so much enjoyment from his past singles and videos such as “Free Joe Exotic” and “Made Me Mad”. Today I have the pleasure of writing about the remix to the already hot track “Honey Pack” featuring DDG and Lil Yatchy. This song is packed with one-liners that you will be repeating all day. Bars such as “I don’t like good bitches, they just not it, I only fuck with whores, I’m toxic” and “Frеsh-fresh wax got the pussy bald-headed like E-V-E” are a few that stuck out to me. Lil Yachty throws out some hilarious bars as well, helping push the track over the top. DDG‘s verse is a change of pace and approach. He focuses on flaunting his money and artillery with a direct and aggressive cadence. 

The music video showcases the chaotic energy of BFB with a bunch of women eating donuts. Dunkin’ Donuts and all, everyone seems to be having the time of their lives and just having fun with. Lil Yachty looks more in his element than ever, and DDG is no longer a YouTuber but a full-fledged rapper. Check out this gas below! 


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