Kenny Mason Continues to Innovate on “Partments”


Kenny Mason has been someone I’ve taken an interest in since his debut project Angelic Hoodrat. This project showed so much potential for an artist who would reinvent hip-hop and bring a unique style to the table. “Partments” continues his experimentation with the norms of current hip-hop. The trap hi-hats ground the track into rap music’s current landscape, but the guitar riff just feels so rock-inspired. Kenny‘s cadence is haunting and deprived of any warm qualities. Making the lyrics more guttural and depressing. However, this is contrasted with some expressive auto-tuned vocals. 

My understanding of the track is that he describes the living conditions he had to deal with before finding success. Lines like “I can paint a portrait with these stains, I can make a fortune with my pain” highlight his mind-state during these times. The rage and anger that has been built up from having a lack of resources are severally poignant. Check out this fresh track below!


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