Get Acquainted To Tommy Richman And His Brilliant New Video For “Penelope Terrel”


There are few special artists who truly just care about making music and push the semantics to the side. Tommy is one of those artists, gifting the world his own take on life through a vivacious set of sounds. “Penelope Terrel” featuring KADOLEAF is essentially 2 or three songs built into one. The miraculous cadence switches along with the seemingly effortless chord progression that develops as the ticker runs along.

This is the formula for keeping the listener truly glued to your sound. Enticing them with enough variety, but still keeping your creativity in your own respective realm. I’ve had a chance to connect with Tommy and let me tell you fuckers that this kid is special. KADO adds some beautiful chaos to this cut, in a pitch-corrected punk fashion.

These visuals are artistic, yet very simple. Not to take away from the beautiful lucidity of these frames shot by Alif Purnama and Elijah Sikes. We see these two in a number of settings, but it works more like a moving anthology. Whether you’re falling in love with the instrumentation or how this kid paints the sky, you’ll be blown away by what he drops next. Until then, peep this gas below.


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