Atlanta’s Lil Crank Is Bringing The Heat On New Chiefers Exclusive, “Downfall”


Atlanta has another one with Lil Crank. The Cobb County star has been setting a tone in his music that has been resonating with listeners for a solid minute now. His melodic deliveries are full of emotion and a sort of a spirit that brings a new and refreshing flavor to the sound of pain rap. It’s no surprise he’s caught the attention of Atlanta legends like Future and Young Scooter. Crank never shies from from keeping it real and expressing himself in his music; this new single “Downfall” is no different.

In our latest Daily Chiefers Exclusive, Crank puts it all out on display as he croons about personal flaws and the challenges to overcome them. The way he uses his lyrics to apply these themes to the trials of his life in the streets of Atlanta paints vivid imagery that is sure to soak into your memory. “Downfall” is almost addicting in the way it invokes a sense of personal reservation, but also triumph! Make sure you don’t miss out and stream that gas below.


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