Bronx’s Rx Papi Continues To Move At Breakneck Pace on “100 Miles & Walk’in”


There’s nothing that can prepare you for the Rx Papi experience. Ever since I found his Youtube late last year the shock I get from hearing his music hasn’t dissipated. On 100 Miles & Walk’in, the Bronx rapper puts together another collection of dizzying songs to keep listeners off balance. 

Papi puts you through the full spectrum of human emotions. Sometimes he’s cocky like when he screams “I walk in this bitch like God” on “Money Bag.” Sometimes he gets despondent like when he talks about family issues with his aunt on the opener “A Man Apart (Intervention).” He’s even able to tone down his brashness when rapping with the calm Boldy James on “Bird Box, Pt. 2.” In a day and age where people only show you their wins but never their losses Papi’s music is a breath of fresh air. He’s able to paint the full picture of who he is as a person with his chin held high. Tap in and let this wide-ranging artist pull you into his world below.


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