As Fall Approaches Daily Chiefers Returns With Another Round Of Frosted Favorites


As the world turns and simultaneously burns for the injustice it has committed against mankind, you may seek a break in the pain of your days. Now, it may not be much, but the power of music prevails over more evil than expected, providing a charge of energy to defeat these weak tribulations. See, that’s what the average listener misses, it’s more than just kicks and claps. These sounds are setting the scene for greatness to be achieved and it’s from the bottom of my heart and soul that we provide some well-deserved spotlight. My bro Azarie once said, “we’re gonna be alright with Brick on every hook”, so please let me talk my shit.

B Blazo – For Real

Kicking things off is Boston’s own B Blazo. A newcomer to our pages, but this kid has some serious star power to flex with. In these melancholy frames entitled “For Real”, you see Blazo and his gang stroll through the cemetery and posted on the block. Paying respect to those they’ve lost, while celebrating the gift of life every day. Shot by Pxvcegod, these frames keep us entertained while not doing too much to distract us with edits. You can feel the hunger in this kid, plus the chorus will be stuck in your head all day. Yet another prime example of us putting you onto the gas, so pay attention.

Anklegod – Showstopper

Anklegod is anther modern crooner with immense potential to flourish with. In these shots for “Showstopper” you will see a quintessential rap video, accompanied by an eclectic set of waves that Ankle drops off. Yes, the lyrics are mumbled, but let’s not forget why we’re here. Melodies reign supreme in 2020 and his procuring of such shine through with little regard for human life. This will be seared into your brain for a minute for a minute, so tap into the AZE-directed visuals below.

Wiardon – Another Day

Wiardon is a Chiefers veteran, but he keeps us posting because his sound is uncommon as ever. This guy represents a bold hybrid of brilliant production and precise cadences throughout all of his releases. “Another Day” is off his most recent effort X On My Back and these shots were handled by Grindlife Films. Amidst a sea of melodic approaches, his classic take melded with modern bars always makes for an interesting mood, so tap into the heat above.

E The Profit – Asphalt

E The Profit makes a triumphant return to our pages with a straight heater called “Asphalt”. Not a whole lot of glits and glamor, instead these frames focus on the poignant strength of the music. The hypnotic production doesn’t outshine E, instead it accents his baritone voice booming over the kicks. We love to support music like this that sounds top-tier before the machine gets a hold of it. E The Profit is there right now, but there’s so much more in store for this Kentucky-bred rapper. Peep these Tripp Pittman-directed visuals above.

BK The Rula – Admit It

If you haven’t heard of Bk The Rula, you’ve probably been in a comma for a minute now. She returns to the streams with her emphatic new single called “Admit It”, which is a modern anthem in the making if you ask me. The production melds to her Atlanta roots with an almost bay area-inspired approach to the 808s, which were provided by Rxlvnd. The words that come to mind when hearing this are organized chaos, but refined to entice our pallets. BK’s voice layers in an angelic fashion, but the songwriting plays with a demonic tone, lusting for the top of a past lover. Wild that this woman is only 18, so she’s going to have a long career ahead of her, don’t sleep.

Tahj Keeton – SARF

Tahj Keeton was sent to my email by a trusted ear and this one did not let me down. With a sundry of shades of styles, Tahj plays in the waves of distortion all throughout these twelve cuts. “Housefire” stands out because of the uptempo bass accenting that incredibly catchy flute riff. His flow is unique, but he sounds like he’s been here before with the confidence that never dwindles. “Superfree” is an ambient moment with the projects only feature from fellow Atlanta-native Jelani Imani. It would be great to see this guy deliver this project live, but i guess we’ll just have to wait for another time. This is a really diverse and impressive introduction to Tahj Keeton. Do yourself a favor and catch up.

Monday Night – Holly Poltergeist

Now I have the type of ear that appreciates a wide variety of sounds and Monday Night’s “Holly Poltergeist” is a soon-to-be classic. Taking a fundamental approach assisted by REVENXNT, these braggadocios flows stray away from the monotonous attempts of the current common artist. In shots burning some smoke and just delivering the raps around the way, all this proves is that there’s no reason to fix something unbroken. Monday Night is doing Richmond, Virginia right and we thought you should know as well.

Ashoka – Through The Fire

Ashoka has a very to easy digest sound, but his newest project Through The Fire takes his catalog to another level. “Up” starts things off with a brilliant shot of passion that radiates a new day undefeated by it’s opposition. “Somebody’s Daughter” is a sultry way to take things and then carrying into the title track’s remix with Phay, we feel Ashoka’s New York roots come through. This project should keep you intrigued from start to finish because it already sounds like he’s in the big leagues. You know everyone is just one song away from changing their lives, for some it’s sooner than others. We’ll see when this guy pops, but until then, take a ride with this real quick.

Osquinn & Blackwinterwells – Oblivion

With a late entry into this round of my editorial efforts we have “Oblivion” from Osquinn and blackwinterwells. This duo are two of the rising stars who represent this hyper-pop, glitch-core genre or whatever you want to call it. But they still possess an abundance of skill and traits that keeps the ear on it’s tippy toes. Basically you get two cuts for one, and the latter is more belligerent in a brilliant way. The acoustic introduction evokes a strong emotion of hope to carry through their personal demons. The vulnerability is what strikes me as the most powerful tool. Talking about their experiences at their lowest point connects with a huge audience who has been through the same or something like it. Quinn and wells make some great fucking music and you need to pay attention to what they bring to the table.

Blxst – No Love Lost

Los Angeles has a new star and he goes by the name of Blxst. Dropping off his newest project entitled No Love Lost, these eight tracks solidify his spot as the one who’s next up. The title track starts things off in a uniquely percussive manner with his smooth vocals atop it all. “Overrated” was what I stumbled across first when the video dropped a few weeks back. “Searching” creates a stellar pocket while Blxst sings about his love for that special lady. Each song has that west coast bounce we all love, but it’s accompanied with an incredibly smooth voice to carry the day. Not an ounce of pitch-correction was needed for this project and let me tell you, that’s refreshing. This guy is going to have a long career, so don’t sleep on Blxst.


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