Undiscovered Gems: Get Yourself Acquainted To Sacramento’s Own Nate Curry And His Brilliant New Cut “You Go Crazy”


There are times few and far between where we find sounds that truly evoke a strong sense of belief. Belief in the talent and the belief that this artist can go the distance. Nate Curry’s new track “You Go Crazy” is a wild ride of brilliant angelic ambiance. With production from sbvce, Curry floats with a Ginuwine-inspired cadence atop the percussion. The passion brims through his vocals, but stays in a pocket to keep the mood tranquil.

Apart from the wave the instrumentation provides, Curry has a gentle tone with the right amount of rasp. What separates him from the pack is his range and falsetto’s strength, but subtle imperfections. The raw emotion is so smooth and the melodic prowess will stay ringing in between the ears. Now on the live version below, Curry gets an assist with some background vocals from Ode To Saturday, which meld vividly into the already pristine soundscape. To be honest, I haven’t ran back a song this much in a minute, so don’t get left behind.


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