Undiscovered Gems: Get Hip To The Already Legendary Oklahoma Artist, GANG51E June


I’ve been covering hip-hop for almost a decade now, and I’ve come across an artist like GANG51E June maybe a handful of times. Maybe XXX? Maybe Tierra Whack? Who knows, but it’s refreshing. By now, you’ve probably seen bro on SayCheeseTV or somewhere on your IG explore page, but I’m here to talk about what matters the most—the music.

Recently, Oklahoma rapper GANG51E June dropped off the soulful “Quarantine Dreams,” a new single featured on his heavily acclaimed Preaching from the Projects mixtape. June screams Blues, something I personally fall in love with. Pain. You can hear it in every song. Tap in with GANG51E June, you’ll thank me later.

Here’s some more from the Oklahoma native.


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