ATL Smook Stakes His Claim As The Hottest Out Of Atlanta With “Dirty”


Is SoundCloud still the undisputed king? Judging by the piles of dope music just waiting around every corner, I think the only clear answer is yes. How else would I have found this Smook track? Media conglomerate STRAPPED! dropped the second edition of their “Stay Strapped” mixtape earlier this month, and the always-promising ATL Snook made an appearance in the form of “Dirty,” one of the tape’s standout tracks.

Smook has been making noise out of Atlanta for sometime now. The playful production from Sossa, Casttag and Firemane makes this song truly addictive – I’ve been listening all day and I’m still not ready to stop. Smook‘s rapping here is top tier, too. Don’t sleep, this shit is about to be popping off. Peep ATL Smook and his track “Dirty” down below.


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