Daboii’s “Bananas” is a Certified West Coast Classic


Daboii unites both the pop and rap sides of California with the bouncy banger “Bananas”. The track samples Gwen Stefani‘s “Hollaback Girl” over some classic West Coast drums. The former SOB x RBE member balances spongey flows and fun punchlines like “don’t make me put this rap shit into a chokehold.” However, much of this song’s buzz comes from the controversy surrounding the sample not being cleared. The 24-year-old rapper pleaded with the pop star via Instagram stating “Gwen Stefani can I PLEASE drop Queen?”.

However, given Stefani‘s love for hip-hop, her being a Southern Cali native, and how catchy this song is, I’d be surprised if her and her team denied Daboii’s request. Check out “Bananas” below.


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