Atlanta Producer Popstar Benny Showcases Brilliant Consistency on His New Compilation, “Planet POPSTAR*”


It’s well known and thoroughly documented that Atlanta has the best formula when it comes to breaking its’ local stars. Through a chain of networks, artists and tracks alike get sent through the atmosphere at warp speeds. This leads to cult like myths about some and huge local fan bases for others, before any other city even gets a chance to claim them. One of the most effective networks is through working with popular producers, and probably the most popular of them all in the underground scene is Popstar Benny.

Sporting an impressive SoundCloud page, a never-ending list of melodically progressive beats and a vast network, Benny continues his compilation series with his new project, Planet POPSTAR*.

Coming in at 10-tracks and boasting a who’s who of rising Atlanta artists, Planet POPSTAR* is a fun, easy listen that see’s Benny creating an infectiously dense world out of whatever sounds he can get his hands on. With, “2cellphones,” he and Rossi Blue combine for one of the more enjoyable records on the project, as Rossi keeps the lyrical content simple enough to know every word by the 3rd listen. On, “First Off,” the production gets a bit more grimier, giving the first feeling of paranoia throughout the album. Featuring RobOlu and Korndawg, the duo do a great job of providing vocal narration to this, denouncing Trump and shouting out Nick Cannon all in the same breath while creating a needed sense of anarchy.

Other standouts from the project include, “Spaced Out,” which stars Jazz Ingram sporting one of the weirdest, yet most infectious, cadences that I’ve heard all year and provides probably my favorite lyric from the whole project, “A RACK FOR YOU! A RACK FOR YOU! I’M OPRAH!” The best song without a doubt has to be the BOREGARD. and Jaye Newton collaboration, “Noise Complaint.” Co-produced by Ethan Lamb, BOREGARD. and Newton (two of my favorite ATL prospects) go absolutely insane on this. Going back and forth at impressive speeds, the two exhibit a great chemistry and sense of poise as the quality not only never lacks, but gets even better as they rap harder.

With this serving as the second project released from Popstar Benny so far this year, this would be a good time to jump on the bandwagon. If you’re still unsure, just press play below and let the music do the talking.


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