Hailing From Bellflower, California, Rob Two Announces His Arrival With His Emphatic New Project


Southern California is huge in terms of geography, but small as can be when it comes to the music industry. Chances are, if you see somebody breakthrough in Cali, it wasn’t an accident, and it definitely wasn’t overnight. Instead, they’ve been patiently waiting for their turn, developing quickly alongside somebody who is blowing up, and learning everything under the sun. For Bellflower native, Rob Two, that’s exactly what he did with polarizing street poet 03 Greedo, as well as with the ultra-buzzing L.A. clique AzCult. Ready to step into the spotlight, he releases his highly anticipated full length debut, Far From Here.

Sitting at 12-tracks, Far From Here is a healthy, full length album that finds it’s groove in telling you exactly who Rob Two is and what he’s about. Rhyming over incredibly infectious production from guys like Dezzie Gee, MC RIOT and Rob himself, he takes each track and treats them as its’ own world, providing a distinctively different feeling on each track without giving up a lick of continuity. With only one feature coming by way of frequent collaborator, Woodrotheman, it’s obvious that the motive of this project was to introduce you to Rob with zero fillers, and that’s exactly what it did.

As for standout tracks, “Destination,” the project’s intro automatically captivates you into the album, with Rob showcasing his best vocal performance almost immediately. From there, “Zoning,” and “Believe It Or Not,” stand out as other notables, but the real winner here is without a doubt, “Eyes Closed.” Produced by MC RIOT, this record has the quintessential L.A. sound that Rob has been so instrumental in helping with bring back to the masses. Party hard and live care free, but watch your girl and your back, because anything can change at the drop of a location pin. In it’s most simple description, that is Los Angeles at it’s core, and that’s exact the sound that Rob put forth.

Check out the project below and get familiar with Rob Two.


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