Pouya & Boobie Lootaveli Team Up Yet Again In The Wonderfully Chaotic Visuals For “Toe Tags”


These two are proud Florida boys and have the electric music to back up their argument. Boobie Lootaveli and Pouya have yet again gifted us cinematic bliss, but this time the cut is called “Toe Tags.” We see the powerful duo out in Vegas, showcasing the fruits of their labor, while Boobie burns the herbs wherever he pleases.

With this incredibly simple, yet effective production from Spock, both of these guys really bodied their verses. Building off of the southern twang, the chorus is a mesmerizing chopped and screwed chorus to entice your ear even more. These frames were handled by David Hidalgo, once again proving that you don’t need a high-budget for some stellar visuals. This train isn’t slowing down anytime soon, stream the gas below.


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