Atlanta’s Cluu Drops Off His Impressive New Project Entitled “El Padrino”


Cluu came onto my radar a few weeks back and his new project entitled El Padrino is making some solid noise out of of the South. There’s no shortage of talent coming out of the 404 and it seems as if we stumble upon a new rising star every few weeks. Cluu‘s tone is rugged and layers well over percussion with a twang. He knows how to play with his voice enough to keep the ear entertained.

Songs like “Iran”, “Rosa” and “Breaking Bad” are the standouts to my ear because of the rich production and the energy they create. “Initiation” featuring Buddha does set the world on fire with the beat and infectious cadences both of these guys provide. Though, with 16 different tracks to choose from it sounds like they’ll be a taste for all types of fans. This project is dedicated to being authentic and speaking on the unforgiving streets that Cluu knows well. The road has been arduous, but you can hear a hunger that will translate into it’s auditory finality.

With production from Popstar Benny, MTRSPRT, Rudeboii, Ovrcz, Taydamonstr, Hold Up Jay, Teezy and Hollywood Cole the beat selection is a prime aspect of this project’s greatness. It adds the much needed balance to Cluu‘s jagged bars and soon the world will fall in love with the wave. Do yourself a favor and peep this one below, it’s a special piece of art.


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