Undiscovered Gems: “Lost Girl” Is An Electric Offering From Rising Cleveland Crooner Three65


When you stumble upon music that takes you away from your troubles a bit, that’s what makes all the sleepless nights worth it. Three65 has gifted us a wondrous cut called “Lost Girl” and you may recognize the sample flip. The bass pounds as Three65 laces the vocals with sheer grace. Though, his subject matter speaks on a love gone sour.

With the instrumentation handled by Worldwidetak, we hear pain, but also a sense of freedom you get when moving on from an ex. It seems as if the worst relationships bring out the best music, so we gotta thank this woman for that. Three65 might be a bit rough around the edges, but time will only refine his sound and he’ll flourish into something great. Do yourself a favor and peep this flavor below.


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