Atlanta’s Lil Vyl taps NYC’s Bishop Nehru for South-North Collab “Pace”


Atlanta artist Lil Vyl calls on New York producer Bishop Nehru for a new track and video titled “Pace”. Bishop Nehru laces the young Atlanta rapper with a synth-heavy production. “Teach her how to load a stick / She ’bout to buss the whole clip”, raps Lil Vyl. Self-aware, Lil Vyl shows he knows his rap history with a shout-out to Ma$e on a song produced by a New York cat, rapping “in your face like Ma$e”. “I ain’t talking yoga but I got some dough to stretch” is how he starts off the second verse.

“Pace”, a hybrid turnt/chill rap track, is the latest track to put Atlanta and New York in the same studio. That alone is worth highlighting. We need more collaborations between Atlanta and New York artists and producers and vice versa. May “Pace” be a domino to lead the way. Watch the video below.


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