Machai Floats On His Newest Track “PINK”


Between the production, Machai‘s bubbly delivery, and the overall vibe of the song, “PINK” feels like a videogame to me. Hologram producer M0rris goes absolutely crazy on the drums in the intro and continues dynamic spurts of percussion throughout the track. Machai‘s flow is carefree, tip-toeing across the beat, but you can definitely tell that he takes his craft seriously.

The young rapper has been at it for 3 years and has continued to sharpen his music and ability to try out and conquer different flows. Tracks like “Passion” and “Tears” show off Machai‘s versatility and ear for production. Producers like OuttaSpace, Geogotbands, Darkboy, and Vendr have helped him craft a sound that stands out from the pack.

“PINK” is below.


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