Yeah Bro I Got You For $30 A G


We’ve never strayed into chodedum, but a lot of these folk reside there and might as well be the head of the local HOA. Hef said to talk my shit and be the Brick he knows and loves more, but the pompous attitude of the world is mind-blowing. Oh look at me I try to fit in all while in the meantime pulling the respective wool over the eyes of the population.

What it really comes down to is respect. People I respect don’t feel the need to bash others, they instead stay focused and move throughout their life. On the other hand, I bask in my pettiness. For instance, when I was moving some packs around in college, I was taxing these dweebs. 30 a g or I was “hooking it up fat for them”, which only if you were really fam did you not get a 3.3 or 3.2. Now an answer to that might be, Brick how could you do such a thing? Because I am a demon in sweethearts clothing. But the moral of the story is if you act a certain way, there are consequences.

Mariway – Walk With Me

Mariway is next up and it’s undeniable to be perfectly honest. He’s been teasing this cut and a number of his other songs on Tiktok, but “Walk With Me” is the one the world loves right now. Essentially like a digital stutter step as far as the mood of the song goes, but it truly is one of the catchiest melodies we’ve heard in a minute. Get hip to the bro and peep it all above.

Yung Keeta And RipTony – Tamper (Prod. By @imfrostd & @prodlovesick)

This comes from the mind of 3rik and he’s linked up with Keeta and Tony for some futuristic gas. We love the blend of traditional SoundCloud waves and new hyperpop/rage influence, but whatever you decided to categorize this as, you can’t deny it’s something special. Really the overwhelming theme of this one is the fact that this is what the youth is capable of and so much more.

CamThaMe$$iah – Project Pat

A good friend sent me this over the last week and now that it finally dropped I am ecstatic to say the least. CamThaMe$$iah‘s “Project Pat” is infectious from the lyrics, to the cadence to the wondrous instrumentation. It’s all about the energy and this guy brings some of the best out right now. With direction from sologroup, we see some basic settings get transformed into a brilliant run and gun video.

Lucas Lex -Fly Me To The Moon

Lucas Lex is not just a rapper or another windless hack trying to make some plays. They are a shining example of diverse talents and wondrous songwriting, but this time around Lex puts a spin on a Sinatra classic. Their tone is incredible and to be this young attempting to cover a Frankie smash is a bold move to say the least. Lucas Lex delivers and actually does some real justice to the cut. More Lucas Lex music and more life as well!

Bains. – Rough Night

Bains. is back on our pages with his visuals for “Rough Night” and this one is off of the album Punch Drunk. The scenes are incredibly vivacious and Bains. captivates the listeners, viewers and anyone taking in his art. Fresh across the border to the North, Bains. paints the sky with his own set of skills and it always comes out pristine. Peep all of his gas above.

Kadoleaf – Popmonstre Deluxe

Kado is another great example of gleaming music regardless of categorization. He drops off the deluxe variation to Popmonstre, and it allows the fans more time to sit with his talents. Of course Tommy and Bert make stellar appearances but Kado and Bapekojack‘s collaboration “X” bleeds a unique soulful tempo. Honeybee and Travon-Kare also make a this cohesive work that much more brilliant, but Kado is the general behind this creative movement. Overall if you don’t know the Kadoleaf wave, it’s time to wake up.

Ronin Halloway Featuring Jaybee Lamahj And Mick Jenkins

Ronin and Jaybee are some staples in the Cincinnati music scene but here they are with Chicago legend Mick Jenkins. This is a culmination of talents from the Midwest that no one could ever consider disappointing. In these visuals for “WAYSIDE” we see Ronin and Jaybee both deliver their poignant sermons to the world. With production from XVII and direction from David Chimusoro, our protagonists paint the pristine auditory atmosphere in a museum setting. The radiant art is present from the auditory approach to the transitions right before your eyes. Get hip to the bros and their work above.


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