Friday Heat Check: Montell Fish, Daniel Price, Hadji Gaviota, and More!


Last Dance by Montell Fish

“Last Dance” is a meaningful record that will remind you about a missed love interest. Montell Fish has been an artist I found immensely captivating because of his unique way of making music. I can’t get enough of it with his whispery vocals and highly personal lyricism. Jamie, his latest project is an intimate listening experience and I recommend you sit down to try this record.

Blue Eyed Angel by Daniel Price (Ft. Brandon)

DANIEL PRICE IS UP NEXT! HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU! “Blue Eyed Angel” is the third release of his upcoming EP. This is a slower and more intimate cut, where we get some meaningful lyrics about doping anything for the person you love. Brandon gives a fantastic feature on the backend of the record as well, adding a nice dynamic change in the songwriting. Lastly, the visuals are impeccable, simple, sleek, and clean! In love with this new release!

OOF! by Hadji Gaviota

Have you ever immediately regretted something you said or felt like you wanted to take back an action? Well, Hadji Gaviota has made the song that encapsulates those feelings! “OOF!” is a light-hearted song that plays into making the wrong choices and responding to them with an “OOF My Bad, I Fucked up”. Honestly, what more can you do in a situation where you did make a mistake. I love this songwriting on the record it’s so unique to Hadji, and that’s why he’s a gem. He always seems to find a fun angle to take while writing a song.

It Could Kill Me by Madhouse

Madhouse dropped his follow-up single, “It Could Kill Me”. This is a bounce record that incorporates some anti-pop production that has a little influence by the Weeknd. I find the melodies to be intoxicating and the beat ear-catching, to say the least. Madhouse keeps impressing me with each release, and I’m really feeling this record.

Persuasive by Doechii (Ft. SZA)

Doechii has officially got the SZA cosign with her hoping on “Persuasive”. This record production feels like something Soulection would have dropped in 2015 with some house influence. I feel like this is a big moment in Doechii’s blossoming career, and validation from the mainstream is always a mood booster! This feels like only the beginning of the mainstream success she will have, and I’m fucking with the track.

Sleep On Me by Ashoka (Ft. Deante’ Hitchcock)

“Sleep On Me” can be categorized as a triumphant rap banger. From the grandiose production making, you feel like you’re on a world tour to the lyrics about overcoming your downfalls. Ashoka and Deante’ Hitchcock both put their best foot forward on this record, showing great chemistry and real BARS! I suggest if you’re a hip-hophead, you need to add this to your playlists.



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