AUNDREY GUILLAUME Brings Lessons of Vulnerability, Growth and Wisdom to New EP “Cold Summer”


AUNDREY GUILLAUME absolutely showed up and showed out on his most recent EP titled Cold Summer. Proposing inspiring lessons of growth, vulnerability, and wisdom to his 2022 project, ENERGY, now we see the young rapper ripping off the bandages from old wounds and laying it all out there with Cold Summer

The six-track EP Is a must-listen from start to finish, appreciating AUNDREY’s ability to manipulate multiple frequencies. AUNDREY wanders between passionate melodies and gliding production to channel a love story, symbolizing that ‘cold summer’ is a love story that takes the listener through an adventure between each track as if you were playing an actual video game. The artwork created by the amazing Brandon Black symbolizes many things such as a Sword, a Heart the number One, and a snowy Mountain which then all ties in together [throughout]  the EP.”

A track that I really want to focus on is “oowaa,” which AUNDREY continues the love story appeal, creating a stimulating track that is produced by AUNDREY himself, along with J Myth and Bregma. This track is followed by the striking “chaos in the office,” “dungeon,” and “needy

I’d suggest you hop on the wave before it’s too late because AUNDREY GUILLAUME has gotten high praise from notable platforms such as Pigeons and Planes, Hypebeast, FLOOD, Complex, Lyrical Lemonade, and more to name a few with the release of his debut EP Violet.


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