Oxydecay Does It Again on New Single “alshaytan”


The Fort Worth native, Oxydecay, has shown nothing less of pure, raw talent, that goes beyond his sound. Having dropped four singles along in 2023, his consistency is proving to do well for him, getting co-signs from midwxst as well as becoming a prominent name in the Niztopia community, known for helping smaller talent with multiple and valuable resources.

Oxy’s most recent single “alshaytan,” translating to “devil” in Arabic, showcases his relationship with said devil and getting rich. The uniqueness that Oxy brings to the table is like no other, bringing his cultural background into the music that he makes, setting himself aside from the rest of the music scene. What makes this track so impressive is Oxy’s ability to unlock different flows, creating a track that shines in both his wordplay and witty punchlines.

Oxydecay has been on my list as far as artists that are bound to blow up. His songs have been all hit and no misses, gaining recognition from platforms such as Grooverelly and Strapped to name a few. Don’t be surprised when Oxy pops off and becomes a name that’s prevalent in the music scene.


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