Australia’s Bazio Has Another Smash On His Hands Called “Gasoline”


Bazio has been on my radar over the last few months and it’s for a number of reason. His songwriting, tonality and overall mood that his music gives off. Each wave he presents to the people is brilliant to say the least. This one called “Gasoline” is no different and he continues to stand out from the rest of these boring clones. “Mad” was a lively cut he dropped in 2022, but this is a bit more reserved.

It’s kinda like the hungover record, examining his wounds from the prior days nonsense. With a layering of heavy emotions and varietals of vocal range. The light guitar melodies break up any thoughts of monotony. Then the drums with a hint of energy come in to bless the day. Bazio is truly an artist to watch even though he’s so far away from the states. Making an impact from overseas is incredible, can’t wait to see him takeover the world.


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