B-Lovee Is Turning The World On It’s Head With His Smash “My Everything”


B-Lovee is one of those notable names leading the charge in the modern drill music scene. Tapping in with the brilliant, Cash Cobain, we hear B float over the sample that sends chills down the spine. The energy and momentum that is building behind this record is going to not only put B in a different league but those around him as well.

This new era of sample drill is coming to the forefront of music, but it’s still such a new wave for people to ride. And then there’s those who attempt to do it well, but they copy A Lau, Cash, and countless forefathers’ moves. Anyways the real know how important this wave is within the grand scheme of music and you cannot match the energy curated in that city. Shout to the team behind the scenes and peep this one below, you’re gonna hear a lot more of it soon.


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